adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott have collaborated on a number of different models and designs over the years. The styling of their joint efforts are usually highly eccentric as JS has a unique way of expressing his designer's touch. But one particular design has come across as controversial because of its handcuff-like feature.

The nickname to this adidas Originals model is the "Handcuff", two of which are seen in yellow on both sneakers. To some it may be a sick design but to others, it comes off as offensive, almost referring to times of slavery. One Facebook user says “I daresay that marketing & selling a shoe with a ‘chain & shackle’ accessory is a very bad idea. The ‘chain & shackle’ image has a bad connotation, that of slavery, in the African American community. I think it’s inappropriate. The idea of being chained to Adidas or any object is repulsive.”

Do you feel the same way about the adidas "Handcuff" and will you be copping the shoe when it drops in August for $350? Let us know.