Being the world's tallest man doesn't come easy. For 7 foot 8 Rochester, Minnesota native Igor Vovkovinskiy the size comes as a gift and a curse. During the majority of the last few years Igor has been forced to remain at home as he has been unable to find shoes that fit his size 24 10 E feet since he was in grade school.

After many trials and errors including surgeries, Reebok came in to bless Igor with his own custom set of footwear. The shoes come as a gift after the brand flew Igor out to their headquarters and took molds of his feet in order to create him the perfect shoes. $25,000 in research and design later, Reebok has blessed Vovkovinskiy with several one of a kind sneakers which he thanked by saying "I'm going to be able to go to the store for groceries or the hardware store if I need to fix something at my mom's house,"

Source: BDL