It's that time of the year again. With 2012 wrapping up the next wave of releases to look forward to aside from the Jordan retros is Nike's All-Star collection. After releasing arguably their most exciting pack this year we now anticipate the follow-up. Surprisingly an early look at LeBron's 2013 All-Star model has been made available to us courtesy of MarqueeSole. Although we can't confirm that this will be his exact on-court sneaker since it is in a grade school size, the special branding is indicating similar traits to what we saw when the Big Bangs were unveiled. Luckily All-Star Weekend is roughly two months away and we're sure the story behind these will be a lot more clear in the coming weeks. Until then check out the pics of this latest rendition of the LeBron 10 and stay tuned as we continue to update you with photos and information.