Today (December 21st) marked the retro release of the "Bred" Air Jordan 11's. Across the country, sneakerheads flocked to retail locations by the masses in an attempt to secure arguably the hottest sneaker release of the year. With so much excitement and anticipation over this drop, tensions were sure to be high and things got a bit out of hand at Madison Square Mall located in Huntsville, Alabama. 

According to The Daily News, a large crowd of more than 100 people became unruly while waiting for the "Bred" Air Jordan 11's to release. Officers were left with no choice but to pepper spray some of the more out of control attendees who had formed a line Wednesday night after the mall closed. Those who were affected by the pepper spray were so anxious to cop the coveted kicks that they even refused to receive medical attention after the incident.

To add more to this already outrageous situation, it was reported that the campers weren't even waiting for the actual sneaker itself. They were camping out just to receive a ticket to purchase the sneakers. These types of situations have become all too common for the bigger sneaker releases and don't seem to be diminishing any time soon. 

What was your release experience like for the "Bred" 11's?