Many of us sneakerheads usually refer to the "good ole days" of sneakers when the quality was awesome, prices were mostly under $100 and the designs and materials were groundbreaking. I took it upon myself to go through the mental Rolodex and pick out 30 shoes which not only were ingrained in my head but also left a lasting impact on the game in the 90's. We reviewed a bunch of shoes and agreed on this list. Not every shoe made our cut and we are sure that you won't agree on all of these shoes selected. Take a look at the list and if you are an 80's baby who had a love for sneakers through the 90's, you will love this list and only want to add more. Sort through the selection, let us know what you agree/disagree with and you, yourselves let us know what shoes you felt were missing. We had a great time going through the list and added, subtracted, re-added shoes and finally came up with this list, we hope you enjoy the lineup just as much.