The Nike Bespoke program has given us some great custom jobs that seem to have some thought into them and some that are paying homage to other shoes. This Air Force 1 falls into the former. The creative mind behind this took his love for Scotch as well as Malbec wine to create a shoe that encapsulates some of the loves of his life. Using a brown croc upper, he captured the oaky color of Scotch while accentuating that with wine colored hits such as the Liberty print sockliner, the laces and the double swoosh backing. Another shout to his love of both would be the use of cork throughout the shoe. Now there is more than meets the eye to the shoe. With the number 55 and 76 on the heel and a 23 on the insole, the birthdate (5-5-76) and wedding date (2-3) are now with them to take wherever they walk. The 23 also symbolizes the love for sports stars Michael Jordan and Don Mattingly.

Take a good look at this symbolic shoe and if you have the mindset as well as the dough to plunk down on a pair, go and make your own set of special Bespokes and try to raise the bar a bit higher than this person just did.