Throughout the calendar year, there are countless sneaker releases that go down and for the most part, sneakerheads attempt to get their hands on the majority of kicks. Some are rather easy to come by while other launches may be much more limited. But then we get into the most difficult sneaker releases, the special edition footwear that's inspired by a greater meaning and stemmed from a much more in-depth theme.

That's what we focus on today by bringing you a list of the top 45 special edition Air Jordans to ever release. Each edition of the classic models have a greater meaning behind its design such as the retros that were inspired by Mike scoring a certain amount of points in a game or a series of launches such as the Doernbecher Freestyle Collection that involves the help of children. We showcase some of the best special releases from the brand over the years, most of which still remain highly desirable.

Click through the entire list above and let us know your thoughts on these special edition Air Jordans.