Most sneakerheads cherish the "Nike Air" on the heel of their favorite Air Jordans as it symbolizes original Jordan Brand footwear that will forever be held in high regard throughout the sneaker community. But as time moves along, the aging factor starts to play its role and its the weathering process which essentially breaks down older models, making them unwearable.

When this happens, sneakerheads like J Swizzy step in and help to restore some of the more damaged goods and above is a look at some of his best sole-swapped work he's done on mostly Air Jordan footwear. The midsole is typically the area in which damage is done and as you can see from the photos, J Swizzy does a magnificent job in restoring the midsole and making sure that you'll be able to lace up your grails once again.

Check out the images above and let us know what you think of J Swizzy's work.