We all know the frenzy that the "Cork" LeBron X caused earlier this year. Now imagine if Nike released a more accessible shoe, but with this same corky material covering its upper. Dee-Nyce of FBCCNYC decided to do just that and came up with a winning idea that may just spawn more customs like this one. He went about taking the "Jet Fighter" Nike Foamposite and gave it that work.  Real Cork now covers the upper, parts of the tongue and the lace tips. The red carbon fiber panel on the outsole was left as is and so were the hits of red that accentuate the tongue and branding. Capping off the project are a wooden shoe tree and special wine crate like packaging. Check the images and let us know if these were to release, would you cop? Hit up Dee-Nyce's Instagram page for more images of this cork infused Nike baller.