Air_Andy is one of the more prominent sneakerheads on Instagram. He boasts some of the rarest kicks ranging from samples to player exclusives. Those of you who have never heard of Air_Andy most likely have come across his collection unknowingly.  

Today, SneakerWatch presents you with a look at the 50 rarest kicks on Air_Andy's Instagram. He showcases his wide range of PE's from not only the NBA, but the NFL and MLB as well. Here are some notable PE's, Marshall Faulk 9s, CC Sabathia 12s, Carmelo Anthony Air Force 1, Dwyane Wade 13s, Ray Allen 14s, and the Kobe Nike Shox. He also has one of the deepest Oregon Collection ranging from samples to PE's. 

Check out all the detailed photos above and let us know which one you would like to add to your collection the most!