Throughout 2013, Nike has introduced a number brand new styles for the popular Foamposite series, styles that were never before seen and rather unexpected from the brand. Starting with the Fighter Jet edition and moving into the more recent Weatherman collection, Nike seemed to have gone in a different direction with their Foamposite series and with the previews we've seen over the past two months, it seems as if that trend will continue.

But we're sure many would love to see more of the classic styles of the Foamposite return. So we put together a small list of Foamposite colorways that we feel Nike should release again. The Foams range from Dr. Dooms to Flightposite 3's, Bright Cactus Foams, and even Nate Robinson's Kryptonate Foamposite Lites.

Check out the full gallery above and let us know which Foamposite edition you would like to see make a return.