Kanye's been cathing a lot of flak after his comments on stage about race and his support of the current president-elect, Donald Trump. Not to mention how the Twitter finger soldiers clapped back at the artist for meeting with with man himself. Regardless, of his political views or personal choices, Kanye is still treasured as one of our greatest entertainers and curators of this current generation. He's been laying low these past couple of months with only glimpses of him being seen via the media or his wife, Kim Kardashian.

This time around, the rapper/adidas affiliate was pictured by none other than his wife while he was customizing a pair of adidas Gazelles which appear to be for his wifey. Phrases like 'God', 'Yeezy', 'Kim', and 'Til Death Do Us Part' can be seen throughout the sneaker's suede blue upper. Ye has also been seen in his own custom scribbled on Vans as well. But the comfort and simplicity of the adidas Gazelle has made the sneaker a favorite of his lately, not to mention the huge checks the trefoil gang is cutting Yeezy as well. Let us know if you've customized any of your own kicks in the comment section below.

Source: solecollector.com