Playing college basketball at its highest level in the NCAA tournament is tough and usually some big shoes to fill to live up to the school's history. Michael Ojo, Center of the Florida State University basketball team has feet even Nike had to work hard to make shoes for.

Ojo wears a size 22 7E sneaker, roughly the same size shoe as NBA legend Shaq. Ojo has had trouble finding shoes that fit him and allowed him to play basketball comfortably. Throughout his high school career, he played in size 17 which is at least 5 times too small. Nike is so committed to providing the best products and top quality for all the schools they sponsor and they spared no expense. In order to make shoes that fit Michael Ojo, Nike spent $15,000 on a special lasting machine to create shoes that big.

Florida was upset in the second round of the NCAA tournament. But Ojo, being 7'1" and 300 lbs, may have a shot at playing in the NBA in the future. If Ojo does end up in the NBA he would take the title as the biggest shoe size, edging out the Lopez twins who wear size 20.