George Raveling is one of the most influential figures in the game of basketball. Raveling was once a big-time Division I basketball coach and later become a top sneaker executive at Nike where he helped revolutionize the AAU basketball circuit. Raveling has some rather strong feelings about Lavar Ball, the father of future NBA first rounder Lonzo Ball. Lavar Ball's super outspoken nature has left a bad taste in the mouth of so many people already with his comments about NBA stars' kids, supposedly beating Michael Jordan 1-on-1, and saying his sons deserve a $1 Billion sneaker deal upon reaching the league.

Raveling made his feeling clear by saying, “The worst thing to happen to basketball in the last hundred years," when describing Lavar Ball. Do you think Raveling is right or is he just mad Ball wants $1 Billion in order to sign his sons?