Let's get one thing straight off the bat. When it comes to the Bishop Don Magic Juan, pimpin' ain't playing about his pimpin'. Translation: the Bishop is a true Chicago bred Mack that's made a name for himself by mentoring another Mack we know as Snoop Dogg and many other young pimpin' minds alike. We all know Magic Juan for his outlandish displays of colorful suits, sunglasses, and jewelry but with all that comes a mean shoe game as well. In this case of pimpin' of this magnitude we have to say gator game out of respect for the Don. As you can see pictured above is what appears to be a hard bottom gator shoe crafted from the carcass of an alligator no older than 16 weeks, bleached into a fine chestnut brown, with all limbs included, even a tail hangs from the heel of this piece of art.

Now, we understand that some of you might think this is on the borderline of animal cruelty but think about this from the perspective of a Don such as Magic Juan... In the wild would a gator spare not only your life but limbs included? Stay woke. What we would like to know is, who in your family would lace these bad boys up? Let us know in the comments. Oh and one last thing if you didn't know, in the words of the great Bishop Don Magic Juan himself, 'Green is for the money, and yellow is for the honey'.

Source: instagram.com