The Phoenix Suns are in the midst of transition and from the looks of things, their front office has to happy where the organization is headed. Devin Booker can easily put in buckets [respect to his 70 point game last season against the Celtics] and drafting Josh Jackson who's elusive, long, and can create his own shot a la De'Aaron Fox. Now, it looks like the Suns have their eyes locked on Kyrie Irving in order to curate a big 3 of their own and all of which to go down in brand new Nike NBA jerseys.

Not much has changed in regards to the overall aesthetic of the Suns' uniforms but the calligraphy/text on both of their 'Association' and 'Icon' jerseys do appear to be a lot bolder. Of course, the sleeve and neck seams are a lot more form fitting while Suns logos sit at the center of the basketball shorts' elastic waist band. Also, these jerseys are lacking outside sponsorship like some of the other jerseys we've debuted as of recent.

In our humble opinion, Phoenix is a team to keep your eyes on... they're sneakier than most would think, they have the ability to score points quickly, and they're solid on the defensive side of the ball. The rankings in the Western Conference will definitely look different this upcoming NBA season. Let us know your thoughts on the brand new Suns' jerseys in the comment section.