It's not every day a major sneaker company allows your average Joe to walk into their work facilities and see how they curate your favorite silhouettes so, we'll ride on the coattails of the young successful entrepreneur in Tyler, The Creator as he visits Boston, Massachusetts in order to visit the Converse manufacturing facilities to see how exactly his Converse One Star is created. 

The segment begins with Tyler slyly harassing the clerical front desk woman than being introduced to the Global Creative Director of Footwear in Bryan Cioffi, who walks the young artist through the original curation process that made the brand popular nearly a century ago. The fact that Tyler's unknowledgeable of Converse's OG basketball roots is laugh worthy as he was then led to a computer cutter that etches each silhouette in what seems like only seconds. The sneaker is then glued and embroidered to hold true to its form in which Tyler tries for himself and fails semi-miserably. 

We think if more people took the time out to find out the complexities of how their favorite things are made, processed, or imported, we'd have a greater appreciation for all the things we do have and have access to. Let this be another reminder we're also capable of creating our own if we take the time to be studious of the things we enjoy. With that said, take a look at the clip above for yourself and drop your thoughts on Tyler, The Creator's visit with Converse in the comments.