Last summer, basketball fans were introduced to the most controversial family in sports today in the Ball family. Initially, Lonzo Ball made headlines with his stellar play for the UCLA Bruins, single-handedly bringing the collegiate institution's NCAA Men's Basketball squad back to the tourney after years of absence from the big dance.

Later, the head of the Ball family house, LaVar Ball, was introduced to the masses and instantaneously became a household name for his seemingly outrageous comments and business acumen.

After failing to secure a partnership with a major sports apparel brand for Lonzo Ball, LaVar did something we've never seen before and had his son curate his own signature sneaker as a rookie, mass produce said sneaker, and sell it at the extremely high retail price of $495 a pop.

Initially, the general public didn't think the move was wise but later, with financial freedom and business independence being a hot topic, more people began to support the Big Baller Brand movement.

Throughout this past NBA season, which is coming to an end as the NBA Playoffs start this weekend, we've seen NBA players shun both Lonzo Ball and his Big Baller Brand signature silhouette. And now, that officially has come to an end as New Orleans Pelicans guard, Jordan Crawford, is the first NBA player outside of the Ball family spotted on the professional hardwood rocking the BBB imprint.

While speaking to ESPN's, Jovan Buha, Crawford had this to say about his choice to rock the BBB Z02 Prime in game, "I look at myself as a Big Baller... I’ma for sure wear them [going forward]. They’re comfortable shoes. I like the fact that it’s a new brand. It ain’t Nike or Adidas, so that makes it dope."

Crawford also added, "I think it’s a great movement. [LaVar] is a character, but at the same time, he has a great plan together."

With Crawford being the first outside of Lonzo Ball to admit the comfortability and reliability of the BBB Z02 Prime, we have a feeling we'll be seeing more professional basketball players supporting black/independent business by lacing up Big Baller Brand sneakers in the near future. Shout out to Jordan Crawford for going against the grain and shout BBB for their positive progression.