There aren't too many names in the sports realm that hold the same weight that Michael Jordan's does on an international level. A person can go anywhere in the world and they'll be able to get others to associate the game of basketball with the name Michael Jordan but, probably wouldn't understand the cultural impact of names like Bill Russell or Wilt Chamberlain had on the game. Now, ESPN and Netflix are teaming up for the documentary we've all been waiting for dedicated to Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls legacy.

The documentary entitled The Last Dance is set to be produced by Mike Tollin and directed by Jason Hehir who directed the following 30 for 30 documentaries, including "The Fab Five," 'The "85 Bears," and "Andre the Giant." The documentary will focus on the Jumpman's rise to prominence and suffering defeat at the hands of an Isaiah Thomas led Bad Boy Pistons team, his first three-peat NBA titles, his first retirement, and his return to the professional hardwood where he earned an additional three consecutive championship rings.

Hopefully, this brand new documentary set to drop next year, reveals the answers to some of the craziest Jordan theories we've heard the past couple of decades like, what was the real reason Mike retired from the game after the '92-93 NBA season? Was his father murdered because of gambling debt? Was the flu game actually the hangover game? And his reasoning for two-piecing Steve Kerr during a practice scrimmage.

Michael Jordan is the man behind one of the most historic sports dynasties of all-time and is now the face of a multi-billion dollar business in the sneaker industry, the living embodiment of prosperity through sheer hard work and determination, and we're sure we're in for a very informative documentary that will give us another outlook on the greatest basketball player of all-time. With that said, check out the preview of the doc provided by 30 for 30 above.