More violence continues to erupt over the coveted "Bred" Air Jordan 11's. SneakerWatch recently made you aware of an incident in which a riot broke out at Madison Square Mall in Huntsville, Alabama. Now another act of violence has occurred, this time in Houston as two men were attacked by two men with guns who wanted to rob them of the Air Jordan 11's they recently purchased.

Deputies say the incident took place at around 10:30 a.m. Friday morning. Two men went to Willowbrook Mall to buy several pairs of the "Bred" 11's and as they returned home, another car stopped in front of theirs. Someone exited the vehicle with a firearm and demanded the men hand over the sneakers.

The driver fled the scene, leaving his passenger behind. He was chased by one the gunmen while his passenger made it into the driver's side. As he went to pull off, a second gunman brandished a firearm and began shooting as well. The passenger, now driver, was shot in the head which caused him to crash the car through a wooden fence which can be seen in the photos above. The driver wasn't hurt during the incident but the passenger suffered life-threatening injuries and was taken to Houston Northwest Hospital.